Why Social media lacks attraction by large audience coming together during Festivals and Holidays?


Why Social media lacks attraction when celebrating holidays like Friendshipday2018.. be it facebook post, or tweets or whatsapp forwards, people do not think creative enough to make it more meaningful.. Any festivity can be turned into a huge awareness day to highlight important message to large audience – either by government or civil movement… or even by celebrities… just imagine if a new scheme or a new product launch that can be integrated with a particular day (like FRIENDSHIP day)  to huge audience through combined effort by group of popular social media celebrities or association together….  may be a WORLD MARCH towards UNITY or EQUALITY…   right?  We can do it if we all unite together for a cause.

How can social media innovate to make holidays and events more special? Do comment your views/// https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=friendship%20status

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