Why Pursue MBA After doing Graduation in Engineering


Why Pursue MBA After doing Graduation in Engineering

Engineering is a platform where a student gets to indulges himself in different fields of science. Engineering also creates possibilities for the students to Research on materials, algorithms, etc. One stand-alone field is the Research field which is evergreen for innovation and development. Engineering makes a collective sense when associated with computers, electronics, innovation, design, construction, operation and maintenance, machines, materials, etc.

In INDIA there are around 10,000 engineering colleges registered under AICTE, among which the maximum number of colleges are in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh i.e., 1564, 1339 & 1165. There is a huge demand for science courses which is offered in best Engineering Colleges in Uttar Pradesh, with an estimated intake of more than half a million students every year.

Uttar Pradesh is known for its rich culture and tradition, where all religions collectively build a diversity. Also, it is said to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Being the 4th largest state in India, Uttar Pradesh is home for one of the best Engineering Colleges in the country. There are two Indian Institute of Technology colleges which are among the best engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh. 

Ignorance is NOT A Virtue!

The best part of engineering is that it opens a scope in an individual’s life in his field of interest, enhancing his skill set. And who doesn’t want to pursue an Engineering degree from best Engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh, because engineers are so in demand and they are also paid huge salaries? Engineers also go on to do MBA as well.

We have to be very specific about the stream we choose in engineering as it will be the path to our career stream as well. So being interested in some course and looking for a career in the same stream is what allows engineering aspirants to grow with the organization’s, which is more and more in all the sectors of life.

An engineering degree is actually enough to fetch you a right job with a handsome average 6 figure salary, but there is always room for developing a certain skill set that the company needs, by managing a department, not just a job role i.e. yourself. Graduating from the Best MBA college in Ahmedabad, i.e. IIMA will open a new range of packages in 7 figures.

It’s the way we choose to lay a path to succeed both in life and in a career. Deciding on what you like over, what is easy is sometimes a tough pill to swallow, but if you do you.

will surely taste victory. Apart from the traditional courses, the best Engineering colleges in Uttar Pradesh offer courses like Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Metallurgy Engineering, Marine Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering. Also, engineering paves a way to pursue masters in management. IIMA, B.K School of Management Studies, Ahmedabad University, etc. are top MBA Colleges in Ahmedabad.

Masters in a Top MBA College in Ahmedabad: More Than Just A Trend

Managers are more in demand who have the technical knowledge about the company or organization, as they will have an in-depth idea about the technology. Pursuing a Master’s degree after Engineering is more than a trend and it is inevitably the direction of every aspirant these days.

Graduating from the top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad is every Indian’s dream. Students who are interested in management subjects can take up this course by appearing for an exam conducted in November, CAT – Common Admission Test. MBA is a master’s degree in management which gives an in-depth knowledge of how an organization function.

“The way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” -Thomas J. Watson


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