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With the growing trend of Indian media and entertainment industry, it has already attracted today’s young blood toward this sector. The exposure that a current mass media student gets is at its best and better than ever. Because of its growing trend there are lot of job opportunities for newbies out there. There are number of Mass Media College established every year. Lately the media industry has paced up towards secure an upper notch in its establishment. Though there are number of colleges in India, we as students wish to get in the best colleges to secure our future. Hence, today we have curated a list of top mass communication colleges India just so you don’t have to hassle here and there to take people’s review in this regards. Here we go,

Why Choose IIMC, Delhi?

The first one in our list is Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi. IIMC is supposed to be one of the best college for mass media in India. Delhi is a hub for all the students since it is known to have the best colleges and facilities. Talking about the college Built up in 1965, IIMC was set up to set worldwide norms for media instruction, research, and augmentation and preparing, utilizing best in class innovation. The college has best in class faculty and facilities. IIMC is a presumed name in the media business and is known for its course structure and hence it prevails amongst others.

How to get there?

It is not very easy to get through DHU, they have intermediate level of entrance exams which requires considerable level of hard work and dedication. After the common entrance test, there are rounds like group discussion and personal interview. Students can settle on the grounds as indicated by the course accessible and the accessibility of the seats.


The most crucial part of a college and the course is placements after completion of the course. IIMC has fairly good placement offers with pretty decent salaries. Company like Tata has offered packages worth 10-12 lakhs for a beginner. So give your level best and do try for this college just so you don’t have to slog for getting a job in future and trust me on this college is worth the efforts and over that you get to study in Delhi man! The place is just so beautiful that whenever you need a break you can just go around to places and refresh yourself. Isn’t that an amazing deal?

Why Choose XIC?

The second one is of course Xavier’s Institute of Communication. Xavier’s is known as the best mass media college in Mumbai and one of the best colleges in India. It’s a college one can kill for. Firstly the location and secondly the interiors of this college and lastly the environment. This combination is an all and all deal. The exposure that a student gets is better than any other colleges. XIC, Mumbai was set up in 1969.

How to get there?

The entrance examination is a bit difficult and needs a lot of preparations to crack different rounds like OMR, Group Discussions, and Personal Interview. To properly prepare for entrance exam it is recommended to get books for quantitative aptitude, general awareness etc. If you wish to save few bucks, I would like to tell you about Flipkart deals on these books with pretty amazing discounts. There are number of amazing Flipkart offers on books that you can avail. Flipkart gives as much as 25% to 65% of discounts over these books along with additional offers like cash on delivery, 10 days return policy, 5% off on axis bank buzz credit cards everything just at the tip of your finger and on your doorsteps. Can you ask for anything more? Well I guess not, so pull your socks and start preparing if you really wish to get in here and I can bet my life on this, this college is worth the efforts.


If you are concerned about placements from Xavier’s, let me tell you companies might out a blind eye on your resume and select you at time just if they find you skilled for the position. Xavier’s is often visited by big companies like Mahindra, Hindustan Times, Tata, Infosys etc. Most of students from Xavier’s are employed. And you’ll get ample of opportunities to intern with these big organizations. Isn’t that great? So you need not worry about the placement here, since placements here are reasonably good.

Why Choose ACJ, Chennai?

Our third college for today is Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. Chennai is also a hub for education and jobs. Bangalore has number of best colleges in its vicinity be it any field. ACJ offers best in class programme and faculty and is supposedly one of the best mass media college of Bangalore and India. The exposure and faculty is commendable and the college has a very positive review from all the students. Asian College of Journalism was established in 1994 in Bangalore. The college just does not lack anywhere, so do not think twice before selecting this college.

How to get there?

The entrance examination is a quite difficult and needs considerable preparations to crack different rounds like OMR, Group Discussions, and Personal Interview. To properly prepare for entrance exam it is recommended to get books for quantitative aptitude, general awareness etc. Once you crack the ACJ entrance exam you will be called for an interview and lastly you just have check ACJ result to know if you are through.


ACJ is the most preferred destination for companies when it comes to recruitment. The campus placement offers are fairly good and the college tries to employ most of its students. ACJ claims to be one of the premium training institution and has proved it to an extent by providing good placement opportunities for students.

Why Choose SIMC, Pune?

Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication (SIMC), Pune  is filled with students who have come here from different cities and states. It is well known for its quality of education and level of difficulty. Symbiosis is the best mass media college of Pune and one of the best colleges of India. SIMC was established in 1990 and is located in Lavale, Pune. The courses offered by SIMC cover all aspects of the media industry, meeting all the industry expectations. SIMC offers number of other mass communication courses.

How to get there?

Though Symbiosis is an autonomous institute, the level of difficulty remains. But where there is difficulty, there is a positive output. To get into SIMC one has to give SET i.e. Symbiosis Entrance Test and secure the minimum criteria and then appear for other rounds like group discussion, personal interview etc. So guys do not miss on an opportunity to get in this college and to live a Punekari life.


Placements rate of Symbiosis are really high. Freshers have been offered with 5 to 6 lakhs packages. There are number of internships that one can avail through this college in big organizations. There is a lot to learn and the environment is really friendly for students. So you need not worry about being placed because Symbiosis claims assured placements for each and every student.

Why Choose BHU?

BHU is a renowned name when we talk about medical, but not only medical Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, BHU is also very known for mass communication in northern India. The college has a very strong roots. The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, BHU was built up in 1973. The Department has committed itself to ensuring that the students pick up mastery in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication. The showing techniques include field visits, ventures, movies and announcing by understudies on different points. BHU has a beautiful campus and infrastructure and does not lag anywhere in my opinion. One should definitely try for this college to get the best of education and exposure.

How to get there?

There is no exclusive entrance that you will appear to get into this college. All they need is 10+2 and minimum 50% marks in your HSC and you are through.


BHU offers decent placement to its graduates. BHU is a huge reputation in the market and market is concerned, it has good shares in placements. So overall the fact is BHU offers you a decent placement with some of the Reputed Player of Media Industry. It only depends on you how & where you take yourself!

So these were the list of top Mass Communication colleges of India. Hope you secure a place in one amongst them. If in case you don’t, do not lose hopes. There are en number of good colleges in India for mass communication. All you need is dedication and hard work and you will do wonders in life. BMM is actually about finding out what you want to do after the course.  It may not give you a crystal clear idea if what you want to do with your life. But through these three years you indulge in so many things and activities, that you certainly find out what you are extremely bad at and what frustrates you the most.  And it also by the end of the course gives you a much better clarity of who you are and whom to keep around you and the important fact that it’s okay to not keep anyone around you. All the best!


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