The Comfort and Security Associated with Government Jobs are the Main Reason to Qualified Professions


One job that provides much security is the government job. If you are a government staff there are chances of many benefits and there is a separate union to support all your legal needs. This is only the main reason why many people are seeking for the government job. Rajasthan government has been offering career opportunities in various departments for a long time for people. It recruits candidates such as communication and technology, transports, finance and administration and other services. Govt jobs in Rajasthan also offer jobs for fresher and exciting opportunities to aspirants who are looking for new challenges. Recently, Rajasthan government is conducting recruitment for 1000 nursing teachers for training, 500 foresters, 2000 forest guard and 1161 constables. Totally, there are 1.8 lakh posts to fill around that 77,100 posts in the education department, 11,930 in administrative 5718 in home department and 6571 in health department is reserved.

The updates for 75000 posts will be released in the next upcoming year. To motivate the youth employment, Rajasthan chief minister has announced for skill training scheme and it spends fifteen crores for entrepreneurship development. The employment office that is existing right now will be changed into model career centers at the cost of 45 crores. There are many extra benefits for women that include technical training for 4000 women in 24 ITI government centers at the cost of 23 crores. Around 22,500 seats will be reserved for 28 crores and provide skill training to educated candidates. There is huge level job security if you work in a government job in Rajasthan. This is because of policy which the government has laid out hire and fire of its staffs. Otherwise, the government employee cannot be fired from the job if there is no legitimate reason. Obviously, there is no favoritism in appointing candidates for government jobs. People are hired according to merit and selection process.


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