Thank You, I Must Be Going. – Peach Pundit


As much fun as I’ve had, the time has finally come for me to sign off here at Peach Pundit. I’ve enjoyed my time here as participant in Georgia’s best political conversation for at least a decade, and especially enjoyed serving as an editor for the last five years. 

Whether getting lessons in libel laws from Pedo Bear, trying to find Paul Broun a job, discussing Georgia Power’s menu, or interviewing the former governor who invented Common Core, I’ve tried to keep it entertaining and provocative. (And who could forget the jet packs?) Some of you have appreciated my point of view, others not so much, but thanks to all of you for reading and responding. 

I want to leave this space making sure to thank Clayton and Erick for putting Peach Pundit together and letting me be a part of the conversation. I also owe a great deal of thanks to Charlie, who “elevated” me to the role of “front pager” and then editor. But I especially want to thank you commenters -who laughed at my jokes, challenged my positions and made me defend my arguments. The comment threads here have been raucous and  sometimes rude, but they never failed to teach me something. There’s an internet rule to “Never read the comments.” Y’all have always been the exception to that rule, and proven that conversation, dialogue and debate are always valuable. 

As far as what’s next for this site, that’s not up to me, but I encourage anyone who wants to write about Georgia politics at the most public place on the internet to do so to contact Clayton (via clayton -at- and offer up your services. Peach Pundit is a highly visible platform under a white-hot spotlight, so bring a big soapbox and sing your best song. I recommend being able to write and having a thick skin. And I hope the next set of contributors will take good care of Peach Pundit -I’m kind of fond of it. 

My plans include more of the same, only elsewhere. The Peach Pundit Daily will continue, although obviously under a different name and probably with less frequency. Look for it in your inboxes later this week. As much as some of you might not like it, you’ll continue to hear from me. I hope you’ll keep reading and listening and arguing back and calling me out when I make you mad and laughing when I deserve it. 

Thanks again. I’ll see you on the other side.


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