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Engineering is the most opted and the second toughest exam after UPSC. Thousands of students appear in the engineering entrance exam such as AIEEE, IIT/JEE, CET etc. across the nation to secure seats in the most prestigious engineering institutes in India. Though every student may not be able to crack JEE but it is certainly recommended to keep one’s best foot forward. These examinations are not just every one’s piece of cake but with due hard work and dedication, one can secure good rank in entrance examination. This article orients the students on some sure shot tips to crack the engineering examination with flying colors.

Make a proper Time Table

We always hear our teachers asking for following a time table. But what exactly you should consider while preparing your study time table. The student should have an exact idea on what to study and how much effort is required to put into each subject. It’s not recommended to study 18 hours a day but it’s fine if you study 10 hours a day but with effectiveness. Take small breaks in between. These small breaks help you to prevent boredom but also prevent from things going monotonous.

Seek guidance

Sooner or later you will run into some concept which you will find difficult to understand. So, feel free to join any coaching class or a consult a professional teacher who will not only help you in clearing your concept but will make you things retain forever. If no other option suits you, then you can watch an online tutorial or take help from websites offering learning materials.

Say NO to cramming

The student must be confident on his concepts. Engineering is all about concepts being it physics, chemistry or maths. One has to be sound on the concepts. The question asked in the examination will definitely be based on the application of the concepts. Forget the rote learning methodologies. Make sure that your concepts are sound and clear from the day you start preparing for your engineering entrance exam i.e. class 11.

Follow NCERT text-books and exemplar books

NCERT text books are Holy Grail for the engineering students. The exam setters prepare all the exam from these NCERT text books itself. For a better preparation, go for NCERT exemplar books which are specifically designed for entrance exam preparation. NCERTs are just like your first level of defense. There are many websites floating over internet which offer free NCERT textbook solutions as well as Exemplar solutions. Downloading and following them certainly boosts your level of preparation.

Sample Papers

Solve last ten year’s question papers. This will certainly give you an idea on the level of preparation required to nail the exam. Knowing the pattern will help you improve your speed and accuracy and will also help you in limiting your negatives. You need to work over negative marking scheme as well. Solve as many sample papers as you can. At least solve one each day. You will be able to manage time appropriately.

Mock tests

It’s advisable to enroll in some mock tests. You can get yourself registered in all India mock tests conducted online. This will give you a fair idea that where you stand admits the competition. You can work over your weaker areas and can still aim for progress.

Time Management and Accuracy

Time management and accuracy form the second line of defense. Once you are confident in your concepts, start working over your speed and accuracy. You can improve your speed by giving tests regularly. Make sure to not to attempt the question which you aren’t aware of. Avoid guess work; it only increases the chances of negative marking.  Remember a non-attempted question will fetch you a zero but a wrong answer will give you negative score. One wrong answer will take your rank from hundreds to thousands.

If you are unsure about any question, or if any question is taking more than 1 minute, leave that and mark that question. Attempt the full paper and then come back to the marked question and then solve them.

Stay positive 

Staying positive will definitely release your stress levels and also decrease your panic. Positivity will steer your way through all the obstacles and will guide you to stay optimistic and confident.

Last but not the least; seek blessings of parents, teachers and god before exam.   I hope that this article would have certainly given you deep insights into engineering entrance exam preparation and will certainly help you achieve your targets.

Every student has its own studying style, follow that and modify above mentioned points as per your needs. But the   crust remains the same i.e. following NCERT, working overtime management, speed and accuracy, staying positive and making a timetable and following it.


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