Latest Hot Digital Coin Offer: FaceCoin


FaceCoin is creating a unique market for social networking. Today social networking is controlled by big providers such as Facebook. With a true market, anyone can monetize their social networking site themselves by servicing requests on the network. This is where users can earn FaceCoin (FC) which has real monetary value to advertisers and on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The beneficiaries will be consumers who are already using social networks and have a internet connection. FaceCoin expects more opportunities will be available once development goals are met. This will be a great long term investment for anyone holding Ethereum or Bitcoin wanting to diversify. Similar offerings have gone up over 5000% in a matter of months.

FaceCoin’s offering will be one of the most watched this year. What makes the offer especially compelling is the fact that it isn’t so much offering its digital currency now, but a token that will convert to it later. Rather than spending money on servers, FaceCoin will be able to focus on development and usability. Adherence to social norms in other parts of the world are being reviewed as well.

People will buy these services and developers will get paid for them using FaceCoin’s new digital money, FC. But FaceCoin will also fund the development of the platform by selling FC, so people will be trading before consumers start actually using it.

Some people will definitely buy and hold FaceCoin speculatively, just as they do with Ethereum, but that doesn’t make it a security. Any form of money has value because people believe in them, which is especially true for cryptocurrency. Fortunately, investors of this initial coin offering (ICO) will have full access to all available FaceCoin at the start. For details, please check out


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