Hulu’s Innovative Approach to Live TV


Hulu launched their highly anticipated Live TV streaming in May. Since then, they have worked to improve user experiences by enhancing features and content that offers a bevy of services that competes with other cable and technologically advanced live streaming platforms. Subscribers gain access to Hulu Live TV and the On-Demand streaming library for a monthly fee of $39.99. Viewers benefit greatly from the innovative delivery of services that Hulu has available through their in-house content development and network partnership initiatives.
Hulu’s Live TV Channel Lineup
When you sign up for live streaming, you obtain access to more than 50 channels, depending on your geographic availability. Programming includes local, sports, entertainment, and cable television programming. Subscribers also can customize their media streaming options by utilizing the Manage Add-ons to include Showtime, Cinemax, and HBO at additional costs between $8.99 and $14.99 a month. Viewers also have access to exclusive Hulu content like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Mindy Project, and Casual as well as a variety of favorite network series that can be viewed in real time or on demand. Users receive 50 hours of Cloud storage for DVR capabilities, and they have the option of upgrading to 200 hours of simultaneous recording with screen viewing availability that caters to multiple account users.
How Do I Sign Up for Hulu or Upgrade to Live TV?
To sign up for services, visit New subscribers will first choose between Classic Limited, Commercial Free, or Live TV preferences. You will then be asked to create an account using either a Facebook or email address. After securing payment, you will automatically receive a free 7-day trial after which your charges, upon expiration, will automatically renew monthly. On-going customers can still take advantage of the 7-day free trial by upgrading the services after logging into their account.
Is Hulu User-Friendly?
Customer onboarding features help new users learn how to set up favorite shows, search for content in a preferred genre, or save the information for quicker access. The profile link also allows users to set up content preferences that make it easier for Hulu to identify content that customers might like. What is most notable about the new user-friendly interface is the larger formatted material, touchscreen navigation, and the ability to rewind, forward, or record live TV.
Is Hulu Available on all Devices?
While it is not yet accessible on all devices, the company is engaging in an on-going campaign to improve customer accessibility. The live streaming service is currently compatible with supporting devices like PC, Mac, Apple, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Android, iOS, Roku, and several gaming devices. Ideally, the program works best with access to high-speed internet. As Hulu expected, some users have experienced glitches which is why the company has spent the last six months listening to customer feedback to better find ways to improve their services. Customers who do not yet have access to Live TV can still join the Classic platform for access to the streaming library.

Whether you want to watch Live TV on Hulu or view DVR content, Hulu is an ideal choice because of the newly improved user platform they now deliver their services. Utilizing the free trial is a perfect way to see if it is compatible with your needs.




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