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Friends, today we will learn about the yarn industry. You will be very upset to take the guideline of this business yourself and why not even the videos and blogs giving the guidance of this business are worthless on the net. Yes, you can not find the information about this business easily, if you want to find friends by searching. That’s why you want to tell about this business in today so that you too can start this business. Friends, we must have seen many business plans, but there is a different interest in every person’s business. All want to do business according to their needs and market demand. Somebody thinks of a product that the demand for this product is high in the market and the companies that make it less. So friends, this thinker will invest a little more but business will start because he understands the demand and fulfillment of the market well. In reality, the same businessman can grow, who works according to market demand and fulfillment.

What to do for this dhaga business

Friends, you have to invest a little more in this business than other business, but this business is as much invested as your business will be to your company because as we have seen, this product is also demanded but companies are less.

How much will it cost to start a business?

It will take more investment because it will require two machines. Machine for reel preparation by wrapping the machine used to make the first thread and wrapping another thread. Friends, these two machines will come from your 3 to 4 lakhs. The rest of the discussion for the machine is going to be forwarded to us. After that you have to arrange the place according to keeping the machines. If you feel comfortable, if there is a place available on your home, then it is a good thing otherwise you can rent the place.

To operate the third thing, 4 to 5 workers to operate the machines and after packing the thread according to the rest of the goods, the workers will be required for the packing of the goods. You can get help from your family members and you can make it your own family business if you like to work together. After that you will have to buy the main product yarn which will make your thread. After this you will have to purchase an empty relay of paper on which thread is wrapped.

Thread-making machine and machine price?

Friends, if any market is available for this machine in your life, then you can buy from there. If you are not in your life, then we will adopt a method. First of all, you have to search the machine for online market india mart, you will get six head thread winding machine, which will work on reel after thread forming. These machines will get you good from 1 to 1.5 lakhs.

You have to adopt a method to buy a thread machine. Where you get this other machine from where you will get the contact number of the dealer of this machine, you will have to contact them and ask to buy this machine from where the thread machine will be available. Even if the machine is in their company, you will get it, and if not, you will still be able to find that machine. This machine will also be available to you. Both machines will be available to you. This means more than half your work will be done because you will not have much work in this business, but the machine itself will do more work.

How To Work Machine | How is the thread formed?

First of all, you need to set the yarn after cleaning the machine well, then the machine must be run. This is an autometric machine, you do not have to do anything in it, just have to take care of the machine that the thread is able to make it right or not. After that you have to arrange the thread. Now the work of the second machine is rest, you have to prepare their reel, for that you have to set the thread according to the machine and the goal of the paper is to reel it is to be installed in the machine. After the machine is started, it is a work of wrapping itself. You just have to wrap the reels after removing the reels and arrange them. After all this, you can pack them well. Also add your company logo. This is essential for the good goodwill of your company and it is also important for your company to recognize that your company has a good name, so be sure to know your company.

Where and how to sell the product

You have to do it as much as possible to sell the product. Whether you are a monthly magazine or newspaper, you must definitely advertise your product. Make contact with the factories where there is work to clothe, where women work. Your goods will be sold there in a lot of quantity. After that you contact every sewing shop in your city. Let them know about your product. After that, you can promote it as well as the products of which you have large companies, because many products need threads to keep them safe by packing.

Wherever you shop in your city, wherever you shop your sewing machine, you can apply your company’s product’s pamphlets there. You can appoint an agent if he provides you with a large amount of order, then you pay a good deal to the agent as well. Keep in mind the needs of every customer and every worker. One thing to keep in mind is this business, even if you have to invest more, but your company will definitely get success at a stage. It is your hard work on how you work. So friends, today we saw how we can start the business of making yarn.