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Group Discussion Topic 2018 – Latest GD Topics for 2018 -2019 Exams


Group Discussion Topic 2018 – Latest GD Topics for 2018 -2019 Exams

Group Discussion Topic 2018 – Latest GD Topics for 2018 -2019 Exams -Group Discussion (GD) is an important part of the selection process of prominent B-Schools such as IIMs, XLRI Jamshedpur, MDI Gurgaon, NMIMS among others. The latest Group Discussion topics for MBA can be broadly classified as:

  • GD Topics on Business & Economy: It includes current trends in business and economy, major policy initiatives, latest business trends, and their impact globally and nationally.
  • GD Topics on Current Affairs & Politics: The GD topics on Current affairs may be based on national or international political development, Policies and issues which are highly debated in media.
  • GD topics on Social Issues: Issues which have a social implication, either positive or negative are covered in GD topics on Social issues.
  • GD Topics on Abstract Topics: These are the topics which have multiple interpretations and candidates can show their creativity and smart thinking.

Group Discussion Topic 2018 - Latest GD Topics for 2018 -2019 Exams

Group Discussion Topic 2018 – Latest GD Topics for 2018 -2019 Exams

  1. End of Globalization/ De-Globalization/ Nationalization
  2. Climate Change/Pollution
  3. Retirement Homes: Do advantages of living in them outweigh the disadvantages?
  4. Social Media: Impact on human behavior and society
  5. Impact of technology on Jobs
  6. Crypto Currency/ Bitcoin
  7. Banking Scams
  8. Mars Mission for India Justified?
  9. Decline in open spaces and playgrounds can lead to negative tendencies in children
  10. Knowledge is the biggest asset you can accumulate
  11. Is India ready for cashless Economy?
  12. Does Travelling help in generating ideas and experiential learning?
  13. Death penalties for perpetrators of crime against women. Is it Justified?

Business & Economy: Group Discussion Topics

  • Minimum Support Price: Really helpful or a Political gimmick
  • Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India – priorities for future
  • Walmart and Flipkart Deal: Impact on Indian Economy
  • Cashless Economy: Is Society ready for transformation?
  • Impact of Technology on Jobs: Will Automation & Artificial Intelligence reduce or increase Jobs?
  • Globalization: An Opportunity or a Threat?
  • Crypto Currency: A bright future or just a fad?
  • Startup India: Boosting Entrepreneurship
  • Merger of Public Sector Banks: How beneficial is the merger of Banks?
  • Water Transport Tourism: A shot in the Arm for economic development
  • Budget Cycle Change: Only a move of convenience
  • Bank Recapitalization: NPA reduction and not bank recapitalization can cure the health of PSBs in India
  • RERA: Will it restore the trust of home buyers?
  • Demonetisation: Success & failures
  • Indian Economic Slowdown: A long term problem, how to come out of it?
  • GST: Will economy grow faster with reduced rates of Goods & Services Tax?
  • Farmers’ Income: Will India be able to double it in next 5 years?
  • Privatization of Indian economy: Should India go ahead with the idea?
  • High Deficit Financing V/s high interest rates: Both cannot go together
  • Union Budget: Merging the General & Railway Budget will save exchequer from unnecessary spending
  • Employment Generation: IT industry will create huge job opportunities in India
  • FDI in retail: Good for India?
  • Business Lobbying: Make it legal in India
  • Corruption in Economy: It is the root cause for Indian Economic slowdown
  • Make in India: The idea will make India a manufacturing hub

Current Affairs: Group Discussion Topics

  • US Trade Policy: Is Trump creating World Trade War?
  • Media Freedom: Should there be a limit?
  • Fake News will kill Social Fiber of India unless checked
  • Individual’s Data Privacy: Protection is More Important than Before
  • Mobocracy is led by Fake News resulting in Lynching
  • TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT: Will De-Nuclearization Instill World Peace?
  • GD Topic: Union Budget India 2018
  • Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?
  • Modicare: Affordable healthcare or a piped dream?
  • Bullet Train: Does India really need it?
  • Companies Amendment Bill: Will it be helpful in ease of doing business?
  • End of subsidy regime: Step needed to propel the wheel of growth
  • Mission to MARS: Can India afford spending a fortune on such projects?
  • E-commerce: Discounts are harmful in long run?
  • War Kashmir Crisis: War not dialogue will end the Crisis?
  • Preponing the General Budget: Is preponing the presentation date a good decision?
  • Terrorism: Is this the price we have to pay for democracy?
  • Linking of Aadhaar: Is making Aaadhar mandatory a good idea?

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