Grab some natural calcium for your kid – now 10 gummies at same price – 33% MORE


Chubears team gives you a power packed calcium and Vitamin D gummy. Now you get 33% more gummies (10 instead of 7) in the starter pack at same price. Its natural, its tasty and just one gummy per day is the dose required.

Kids now want to excel always and in all fields. For these super achievers to help proper growth of bones and muscles they need extra calcium and Vitamin D. The unhealthy food habits, yes, the junk food unfortunately is a big reason for growing problems, pains and increasing muscle and bone injuries in kids.

With an increasing demand, the Chubear’s team decided that they will now offer their products on Amazon. Parents who don’t want to initially buy the whole bottle, can try these gummies by buying a starter pack (33% more gummies that before at same price). This pack is travel friendly and light.

Why Chubears gummies? They contain natural fruit flavor, exceptionally tasty (kids love them), contain a high dose of all essential vitamins. They also have some special features – they are gluten free, fat free and dairy free. So, kids with wheat and dairy allergy now have something to boost their energy.

“If you are our new customer,  go to our Amazon link and get the new & improved formula of Chubear. You can now get more Chubears for a discount. So, get Chubears today and start your child’s journey to healthy growth”, stated the spokesperson of Chubear.

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About: Chubears is India’s first online store that is widely popular and highly trusted for its organic multi vitamins, health supplements, and gummy vitamins. Chubears is owned and operated by Child’s Specialist – Dr. Gaurav Gupta. Chubears specially deals with 100 % pure vegetarian, highly nutritious supplements for toddlers. The best thing about Chubears is that it is not only highly recommended by parents, but it is also widely loved by children. For more information, please go to

Dr. Gaurav Gupta, MD, Pediatrician
Mohali, Chandigarh, India


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