Essay Collection on Discipline for Students


Discipline – Essay 1. 

Discipline can be referred to as the act of training people to make them more willing to obey the rules and guidelines set. This will make them to be able to control their behavior better. Discipline is needed in all areas of life. It is through discipline that we are able to achieve success in school, work and we are also able to interact better with other people.

What is basic discipline?

Basic discipline can be defined as the discipline levels that everyone is supposed to exhibit. It is the type of discipline that is not taught but it is self-taught.

Examples of basic discipline include respecting your siblings, parents and elders. With basic discipline, we are able to have better relationships with others and we are able to live better and more fulfilled lives.

Why do we need discipline in a student’s life?

  1. When a student is disciplined, they are able to become more motivated to achieve success on their studies.
  2. Discipline in a student’s life is also important as it will help students to better manage their time. This will help them to achieve their academic goals.
  3. Discipline is a student’s life is also important to help them establish better relationships with their teachers. This is through learning and adopting courtesy and etiquette.
  4. Discipline is also important to a student as it will help them to achieve higher concentration levels.
  5. When a student is disciplined, they are able to inspire other fellow students to become disciplined as well. They become role models to other students.

Why do we need discipline in work-life?

  1. Discipline in the work place helps to maintain the standards of a work place. This is because the workers are able to better follow the rules.
  2. When there is discipline in our work life, we are able to avert problems and conflicts with our colleagues.
  3. Discipline in our work life also helps to improve productivity. This is because we are better able to follow rules and we are able to better concentrate on our tasks.
  4. Discipline in work life also helps us to improve employee behavior which will help in improving performance.
  5. We also need discipline in our work life to help us to better manage our time. This is through observing punctuality and better focusing on our goals.

Why do we need discipline in everyday life?

  1. Discipline in our everyday life helps us to establish better relationships with those that are around us.
  2. Discipline in our everyday life also helps us to meet our various goals. This is through better time management and more concentration on our goals.
  3. Discipline in everyday life is also needed to help us become more active. This is through avoiding laziness and achieving the goals that we have set for everyday.
  4. Discipline in everyday life is also needed to enable us to achieve success in every aspect of our lives.
  5. Discipline in everyday life is also important in everyday life as you will be able to become good role models to the younger ones.

Why is discipline important for success?

  1. Discipline is important in success as you will be able to set and achieve goals that you have stipulated.
  2. With discipline, you will be better able to manage your time and avoid instances of laziness.
  3. Discipline is important in achieving success as it helps you to become more active and improve your performance in everything that you do.
  4. You also achieve success with discipline as you will be able to avoid conflicts with others that may be a cause of distractions.
  5. With discipline you are able to achieve success as you will be able to concentrate more on your career or business and this gives you more stability in your life which will steer you to success.

How to develop and maintain discipline?

  1. One of the ways to develop and maintain discipline is having a positive attitude. This is by making a self decision that you want to change your life and stay focused in certain areas of your life.
  2. You also develop and maintain discipline by planning and scheduling our work. This will help you to better manage your time.
  3. You develop and maintain discipline by learning how to respect others. This will help you to become more disciplined when interacting with others.
  4. Discipline can also be achieved by following in the footsteps of other disciplined people. By imitating their behavior patterns, we are able to become disciplined.
  5. We can develop and maintain discipline by setting clear and more achievable goals. This will motivate you to become more disciplined once you are able to achieve your goals.

Examples of discipline

  1. Waking up early in the morning to handle your daily tasks even though you are feeling too lazy to wake up.
  2. Maintaining punctuality is also a form of discipline.
  3. Respecting and being courteous to even those that you do not like.
  4. Completing assignments and home works on time.
  5. Maintaining cleanliness and neatness is also an example of discipline.
  6. Ensuring that you go to work or school on time even though you do not want to get out of the house.


Discipline is very important in our everyday life. When we are disciplined, we are able to achieve success in every aspect of life. Discipline is not only a tool that is set aside for children but it is also a tool that is very helpful in the lives of everyone. With discipline, you are able to elevate your chances of success.


Discipline and Its Importance – Essay 2


The definition of discipline is to obey the rules or stay obedient towards people or rules mentioned somewhere.

Discipline plays a huge role in everyone’s life, and it gets said that one who has attained a disciplined lifestyle, can achieve anything in his life.

Here are some habits of a disciplined person:

  • A disciplined personality always wakes up early in the morning so that he gets enough time in the evening to complete other tasks.
  • A disciplined person always performs various kinds of exercises so that he stays healthy and fit and in addition to it, a disciplined person always eats healthy food items only.
  • Habits, like respecting the elders, visiting the temple daily and loving the younger ones, are some of the other habits of a disciplined person.
  • A disciplined person always makes the plan of his future and follows that, and that is how he becomes successful.
  • It is noticeable that a famous or rich person always follows a strict daily routine that means that if they wake up at 5, they try to sleep at 10 and follow the same routine daily to have a good sleep as well. All their appointments get fixed days before, and they manage their days very well so that they don’t skip anything important.


While discipline is important in all spheres of life, here is how it plays in in various aspects.

Discipline in Personal life

Discipline is important if you want to lead a happy, healthy and successful Personal life. You need the Discipline to organize your daily chores from the time you get up till you go to bed in the night. You need the Discipline to stay Healthy and achieve your Exercise and Fitness goals. You also need Discipline on your emotions to cultivate long-lasting friendships and relationships.

Discipline in Academic life

Discipline is a very important attribute in student life. All students need long hours of study and hard mental work to achieve their Academic goals. This requires Discipline in channelizing your time and energy throughout the day. With Discipline, you can plan your studies and other activities so that you can lead an balanced, healthy and enjoyable student life.

Discipline in Professional life

The importance of Discipline is nowhere more evident than in your Professional life.   Each person’s professional life stretches over three to four decades of hard work and planning. This long-term sustenance of Career Focus requires a high-degree of Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Discipline. Years of Disciplined work is the strength behind all the famous success stories of great heroes that we hear about.


To a great extent discipline also means avoiding unnecessary temptations and channelizing your life energy towards pre-decided goals in life. The importance of Discipline is evident in every field of life.


Discipline – Short Essay 3

Discipline is the systematic way of training people to act according to code of behaviour or rules. Discipline is necessary in every walks of life. We all have to work. But how can we work if we do not know how to do it? So, we have to take the help of some rules and methods. These rules guide us and help us. It is only then that we are able to do our work well. What will happen if everybody does as he likes? Will your team score a goal if every player kicks at random? Can your family be happy if every member goes his own way? You can do well only when you follow some rules. If you do not, you will fail. In other words, your success depends upon discipline. Discipline is nothing but action according to rules.

So, discipline is needed everywhere. The most important rule of discipline is obedience. You must not ask why or how. You must have respect for rules and orders. At You have to obey an order even if it is wrong. How do you play football? You stop as soon as the whistle stops you. But you start playing when the whistle allows you. You have to obey the referee. Can you play football if you do not care for the whistle? No games or sports can be played if you do not obey rules.

In the same way, no school or college can run if students do not obey their teachers. Students have to keep silent in class-rooms. They have to respect their teachers. They cannot make a noise. They cannot fight or quarrel. They must care for their studies and they must come in time. All these rules help them do their work well. Discipline does not takes away their freedom. It only controls them and teaches them good manners. How can they become good citizens if they do not learn good manners?

Even a small family cannot be happy without discipline. All the members must obey the head of the family. Nobody can do as he likes. No home can be peaceful without discipline. A home without discipline is like a wild forest, not a lovely garden.

Nowhere is discipline more necessary than in the army. Soldiers must obey the command blindly. They have to march on even in the teeth of great dangers. They cannot ask why. They have only to do and die. A soldier is not a pleader. A pleader will always argue for pr against something. But a soldier must carry out a command even if it is wrong. If he does not, his country is sure to lose the battle.

Similarly, discipline is important at workplaces. Discipline employees are more like outperform others. A business organization with discipline at its core will be able to set-target and achieve it. The management hierarchy will perform best when the value of discipline is imparted among the management, employees and workers. The employer will be able to carry out the instruction properly, and the sub-ordination would be able to execute orders properly.


The Value of Discipline – Short Essay 4

The Value of discipline is important to bring efficiency and success to any activity. Without discipline energy, resources, time and effort can all go to waste. Human effort and resources need to be channelized in a particular direction to be effective and focused. Without focus, they will get dissipated and we see several such examples in life, where due to lack of discipline, good intentions fail in realizing the desired outcomes.

Discipline is a multi-faceted skill and all the multiple factors involved need to work like a well-oiled machine for a disciplined effort to happen. At the very core, discipline is the intentional act of focusing and channelizing energy, effort and resources under some pre-decided rules and boundaries. This leads to a concentrated effort, by optimal use of resources and time.

But there are many variations in the need and relevance of the range of discipline. For example, in an army setting discipline means something else. There you need a very high level of discipline because a lack of discipline in a critical situation can mean the difference between life and death. Similarly, in fields like Medicine. But in some other areas like school, discipline though is very important has to be implemented at a lesser degree of severity, for it to be optimally productive.

Basic types of discipline: Discipline can be of various types:

  • Physical discipline: Exercise and physical fitness activities demand a good level of physical discipline: to train your body to gradually increasing levels of fitness. Sports too require Physical discipline so that the activity happens in a coordinated and planned manner. It requires a great amount of physical discipline to train yourself in a particular sport over the years, and perform under stress at competitive levels.
  • Psychological discipline: Developing stamina, motivation and drive are areas of psychological or emotional discipline. Avoiding temptations, and focusing on the desired goal are key attributes. The power of the mind is infinite. But it takes a lot of mental discipline to manifest it.
  • Spiritual discipline: Prayer and meditation are forms of Spiritual disciplines. Various religions advocate various forms. The main focus is peace of mind and inner happiness.

Conclusion: If you need to succeed at anything in life, you need to understand and implement the Value of discipline.


Discipline in a Student’s life – Essay 5


Discipline is very important in a student’s life. In order to achieve academic success, it is very important to remain disciplined.

When it comes to education matters, discipline can be referred to as the rules and regulations that students are expected to follow that shape their code of behavior at school and at home. You cannot claim to achieve education success without having discipline.

Importance of discipline in a student’s life

  1. Discipline enables students to remain motivated in their studies. Motivation is increased since being discipline will enable you to focus more on your studies and goals.
  2. Discipline also leads to better grades. This is because when you have discipline you are able to concentrate better on your studies.
  3. Maintain discipline in school will also help you later in the career world. Being disciplined will help you to be able to interact with people and meet the objectives set out for you.
  4. Discipline in a student also leads to better time management. Students who lack discipline waste a lot of time making mistakes, resolving disciplinary issues and getting punished.
  5. Maintaining discipline at school will also lead to better relationships with your teachers and tutors. This will benefit you as a student a good relationship makes it easier for you to approach teachers when you have academic problems.
  6. Being disciplined will also make you a better role model. This is not only among your fellow students and peers but also among your younger siblings.
  7. Maintaining discipline will also enable you to relieve stress that result from academics. You will be able to concentrate more not only in your studies but also in your personal life.
  8. Discipline will also help you participate in some co-curricular activities. This includes sports teams that only admit students with a certain level of discipline.
  9. Having discipline will also help you win academic scholarships that will help you advance your academic level.
  10. You may also win certain awards at school due to high levels of discipline. This applies to schools that reward students who are the most disciplined.

How you can maintain discipline in school?

  1. You maintain discipline in school by having the right choice of friends. You should choose friends who are disciplined.
  2. Discipline can also be maintained through reading and understanding the school rules and regulations. This ensures that you avoid doing things that are against the rules.
  3. Treating other students well is also a way of maintaining discipline. You should ensure that you treat other students the same way you expect them to treat you.
  4. Another way of maintaining discipline is through creating a list of academic goals. This will ensure that you remain focused.
  5. You can also be a disciplined student through practicing being one. This is by imitating other disciplined students.
  6. You should also learn prom previous mistakes to become a disciplined student. This is a way of ensuring that you will not repeat your mistakes in future.
  7. Discipline in school is also built through maintaining positivity. When you have positive ideas and thoughts, you are able to work harder to achieve your goals.
  8. Discipline in school can also be maintained by seeking the help of a counselor. These professionals will help you resolve the issues that may be causing your indiscipline.
  9. You can also become more disciplined through better time management. This will enable you to focus more and avoid idleness.
  10. Discipline in school is also achieved through learning and practicing the virtue of forgiveness. This will enable you to create a peaceful environment with your classmates.


Maintaining discipline is a very important thing that students should learn. Academic excellence with no discipline can have devastating effects on an individual later in life. Students are hence encouraged to ensure that their academic life does not only reflect good grades but also high levels of discipline.


Importance of Discipline in Students’ Life – Short Essay 6

Discipline is a streamlined system of rules set by oneself or one’s authorities. It means to make rules and to follow them in order to achieve some goals or as a part of the institution’s vision.

As a student, one is beginning to direct his life in a particular direction, usually that of success. This requires hard work and effort. This is also the beginning of training for what would be required throughout the better part of one’s life. Instead of letting life run amok and take you where it would, one tries to harness one’s mental and physical faculties to go in the chosen direction. This is the role of discipline.

1. Discipline is usually seen as a virtue in a person. A disciplined student or a person is also an ideal for the school or the organisation.

2. Discipline in daily life, such as waking up early and sleeping early, usually at the same time is considered an important part of discipline in training the body and getting enough sleep for developing their brain.

3. Having a daily bath and regular cleaning of teeth, ears, hair and other parts of the body is a part of hygienic discipline.

4. Daily exercise and playing sports help develop a strong and healthy body. Discipline usually includes some kind of physical training.

5. In an institution, obeying the authorities, i.e. teachers in the school, parents at home is very important because they are usually the ones to form the rules and they are formed with your best interests in mind.

6. In school discipline involves paying attention to the teacher, not talking in class unless asked, following the queues, not running in corridors, walking in silence, etc.

7. At home a disciplined student will finish homework and daily studies, play and eat in time to retire early. Waking up early in the morning, after a bath, he will exercise before going to school.

Discipline keeps students on top of all aspects of life and gives their minds and bodies the ability to focus on the right things in life.


Self-Discipline and its Importance – Short Essay 7

Meaning of Self-Discipline: Discipline means order or code of behaviour. Self-discipline refers to the ability to control one’s own feeling is very important. Self-Discipline leads to overcome one’s own weaknesses.

Life without Self-discipline is no life. We need be guided by rules. We have to be respectful to our elders. We must obey our seniors.

Its importance: Self-Discipline is most needed for success in life. Discipline is a must whether we are at school or at a home. It is equally necessary whether we are in the office or on the playground. Our life, our society, our country or even the world will go astray without Discipline. So some sort of Discipline is required everywhere. There is order in Nature. Even small disorder in the world of Nature leads to chaos.

The formative days in schools and colleges: Self-Discipline has to be learnt at every walk of life. Childhood is the best period for it. The young mind learns things quickly and easily. At school, the students are taught to behalf well. They are taught to respect their elders. Even on the playground the boys are taught to follow the rules of the games. So the student days are the most formative period in which the value of Self-Discipline can be learnt.

Evils of indiscipline: A man is just like an animal without Self-Discipline. His life and actions become aimless. In the present age, in Self-Discipline is a great evil. It is growing in every walk of life. Both the young and the old do lawless acts. Today crimes and thefts are on the increase. People seem to have forgotten the value of Self-Discipline. In India over-crowding in buses and trains is very common. Travelling without tickets is also a normal feature. Student indiscipline is the talk of the town.

Causes of indiscipline: Lack of employment is a major cause of indiscipline and unrest. Over population makes the situation still worse. Overcrowding in schools and colleges causes indiscipline. Finally, poverty leads top disorder, unrest and indiscipline.

Conclusion: In fact, Self-Discipline is a good thing. It builds character. It develops strength and unity. It creates a sense of co-operation. So Self-Discipline must be aught from the very childhood. It is a key to success in life. The higher is the sense of Self-Discipline, the better it is for the people and the country.



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