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Here you will get all the stuff including previous year papers, sample papers, model papers, practice papers, etc. Today, we are offering the CBSE 12th Science Sample Papers for 2019 board exam of all subjects, especially for the Science students who want to score in 90’s. Just go through the whole article and you will experience a difference in you.

CBSE 12th Physics Sample Papers

CBSE 12th physics sample papersPack of 5 PDF Files (CBSE 12th Physics)
Well Researched 5 Solved Sample Papers

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Year : 2018-2019
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12th Physics

Download CBSE Class 12th Physics previous year papers to Practice.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Sample Papers

CBSE 12th chemistry sample papersPack of 5 PDF Files (CBSE 12th Chemistry)
Well Researched 5 Solved Sample Papers

Price: ₹ 155
Year : 2018-2019
2000+ Downloads

12th Chemistry

CBSE 12th Maths Sample Papers

Team 4ono always keeps focussing on students need and try to solve their problems. This year we have brought well-researched Sample papers for Mathematics. The Papers given below are unsolved sample paper, so you can download them and boost your practice. Also, If you want their solutions or Solved sample papers, you can buy them @ ₹ 155 for more info check below.

CBSE 12th Maths sample papersPack of 5 PDF Files (CBSE 12th Mathematics)
Well Researched 5 Solved Sample Papers

Price: ₹ 155
Year : 2018-2019
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12th Maths

Maths is a tough subject, don’t take chance and practice 12th maths previous years papers.

CBSE 12th Biology Sample Papers

CBSE 12th Biology sample papersPack of 3 PDF Files (CBSE 12th Biology)
Well Researched 3 Solved Sample Papers

Price: ₹ 105
Year : 2018-2019
800+ Downloads

12th Bio

Keep your preparations high for biology by downloading the 12th Biology previous years papers.

CBSE 12th Computer Science Sample Papers

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Computer science previous year papers are available to download.

CBSE 12th Hindi Sample Papers

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Get maximum marks in Hindi by practicing 12th Hindi Previous years papers.

CBSE 12th English Sample Papers

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Also download 12th English previous years papers.

informatic practices

CBSE 12th Science Sample Papers – Subject wise

It’s a kind of stress that every Science student feels in his/her mind while preparing for the board exams, as all the subjects have such a huge syllabus, and what could be more heartbreaking other than the colossal of definitions, equations, numerical, reactions, etc. And how can one forget about those outstretched terms of Biology.

In this article, you will get the solution for all the problems of each subject, and moreover, you will get sample papers of the subjects separately which you can practice subsequently.

Tackling Physics

12th class Physics, a subject having countless definitions, numerical and hundred of equations and derivations which make it a sort of difficult for the students. Generally, a student gets impatient while going through all this and give up at last by leaving most of the topics.

They are not losers, they are just the people who stop trying when they are about to win. Just note the difference.

Tips For You

The students who want to score good marks must read the tips by the experts of Physics, which will help them to deal with this subjects.

It is such a tricky subject, and you need to tackle this subject with different tricks. There are many chapters in Physics which are very important and contain most of the marks. So try to prepare such chapters the best way you can.

Chapters like, Optics, Magnetism, and Electrostatics are worth studying and contains maximum marks. Learn time management and try to cover more parts as soon as you can. The subject has such a vast syllabus, and you need to cover it all.

You can take help from refreshers and extra books. Solving Physics sample papers would help you to win half of the battle.

Tackling Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject that seems to be easy to some students, but for the remaining ones, it is a headache.

But, my dear friends, let me tell you a fact that chemistry is one among the marks securing subject of Science stream, and a brilliant student can easily score 100 out of 100 in Chemistry Board exam.

If you too wanna acquire that brilliance then, you need to read the given Expert advice. Maybe, it will help.

Tips For You

Learn the equations by writing them again and again. Note down all the formulae on a chart paper and stick it to the wall of your bedroom. Don’t try to learn them, just read them daily in the morning.

Believe me! it will be fun and your room will also look good. Try to go creative if you can. Don’t make the subject boredom by studying Physical, Organic and Inorganic chemistry together.

Complete the parts one by one, this will make it interesting and moreover, you will get to know your strong parts. Don’t forget to practice the sample papers of Chemistry which will sort out half of your problems.

Tackling Biology

Students often think of biology as a hard subject, especially because of the tricky terms which are hard even to pronounce. But if you start taking interest in it, then you can ultimately score good marks in biology.

Don’t worry, instead, start working on this subject and if you are honest then, you will notice the difference. There is so much you need to know if you want to score good marks. Have a look on expert advice.


Attend all the lectures of your Biology. They say that the meticulous students who want to attain marks in 90’s are not allowed to leave a single class of Biology, as most of it can be covered in the class itself.

Concentration is the best remedy for all the problems in Biology. Definitions are the important essence of this subject and at the same time, it help to clear one’s basic concepts.

So, learn them at any cost. I know, Biology get boring sometimes. Lengthy definitions and complicated terms generally make it so. To avoid this boredom, you can study it in the company of your friends.

Just discuss the terms randomly with them, explain them the different processes of Biology, it will definitely help. Moreover, solve the sample papers of the subject and afterward, check them on your own to point out your mistakes. Put every possible effort to improve them.

Life is hard for students of 12th class, but for students belonging to science stream, it is even more difficult. But as they say, hardship makes a person strong and always remember the harder path you take the stronger you will become.

Just continue with your hard work, you are about to reach your goal. Don’t lose hope and keep trying till you get the success.

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