Do you know that this can be done with Google lens?

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Do you know that this can be done with Google lens?

Google Lens – Google’s / i 2017 event is gifted to various smartphones, including this year’s pixel. Generally, Google Lens service uses mobile phone camera to understand the photos you meet in the real world, understand the unknown language and code and let them know you. Google lens will do a variety of other tasks for you. Let’s continue to see what Google lens does.

Google lens behaves differently depending on the device you are using. The lens service works on Android or IOS platforms from Google Photos processor. You should choose the photo in the Google Photos process and click on the lens icon. Since Google Photos does not automatically capture photos, opening the camera processor, taking photographs and then switching them to the photocassier. Lens has come in the Google Assistant service on various smartphones and can have an experience like an AR. If you turn on the assistant service in Google lens work models, you can see the lens icon on the right side. Click on this to make searches.

The Business Card (Visiting Card) is still in circulation today and has the ability to scan the Google Lens. Continuously visiting card readers can now scan them in the Google lens service and add them to the smartphone’s Atress Book. Initially this feature works on the Android platform. Visiting card can be understood only on IOS sites. Conduct does not create this. After scanning the visiting card on the Android site, it is better to check them once they are saved and then edit them. Sometimes the lens card may have failed to scan some information.

The book reads the habit of reading habits. The Google Lens will provide you with detailed information about the book you want in the bookshop and the review provided by readers. This is enough to show the book’s card in Google Lens.


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