BSF Rank Wise Salary, Grade Pay, Pay Band, Total Salary Chart


BSF is a paramilitary force charged with guarding India’s land border during peace time and preventing transnational crime. It currently stands as the world’s largest border guarding force. From time to time BSF releases notification for recruitment of various post and thousands of people apply for these post. Everyone have different reasons to join BSF, some want to serve the nation while others are just influenced by extra benefits and job security that it provides.

Many youngsters apply for BSF every year. But what is important is to research about everything before you decide to join this paramilitary force. What are the pros and cons of joining BSF? What is the salary structure? How the promotion takes place? These are some of the questions that you must ask yourself before you set your mind to become a BSF soldier.

It has been found that most of the candidates who apply for the various post of BSF have no knowledge regarding the salary structure. If you are dreaming to join BSF it is quite important that you have all the information. How much a BSF soldier earn? this something that you must know. Here we are going to provide you all the necessary details regarding the salary structure in BSF.

BSF Rank Wise Salary, Grade Pay, Pay Band, Total Salary

Joining BSF is no piece of cake.  And we are sure that all the candidates who aspires to join it must be working really hard, not only preparing themselves physically but mentally too. It’s a known fact that even most of the qualified candidates give up during the training. Only perseverance and determination will lead you towards success. If you have decided to join BSF then it must have crossed your mind that how much you are going to earn. This is a very common question.

Before we discuss the the salary structure of BSF it is important that you are well aware of few terms like grade pay, pay band, basic pay etc. So, that everything become clear to you.

# Pay Band 

Pay Band means the range of Scale for a particular post. There are 18 levels of Pay Scales which decides your Basic Pay (BP). When you join, your salary starts from the lowest and move to the next in the following year. The increment rate of BP is around 3% per annum.

# Basic Pay

Basic salary is the amount paid to employees before any reductions or increases due to overtime or bonus, allowances. If the appointment of an employee is made on a pay scale, the basic salary may increase every year. Else, it remains fixed. We can also say that basic pay is the sum of the grade pay and the pay in the pay band.

#Grade Pay

We can explain grade pay as the amount which the government employees receive apart from the basic pay which depends on the category/class of employee. The sum of basic pay and grade pay is used to calculate dearness allowance and other allowances.

Now that you have become familiar with all the basic terms it will become easier to understand the salary structure. Before we move forward, here we are explaining you the rank structure in BSF.

Rank Structure In BSF

The rank structure is basically divided into two categories which is Gazetted Officer and Non Gazetted Officer.

Under Gazetted Officer 

Assistant Commandant> Deputy Commandant> Second-in-Command> Commandant> Deputy Inspector General> Inspector General> Additional Director General>Special Director General> Director General

Non Gazetted Officers

Constable> Head Constable> Assistant Sub Inspector> Sub Inspector> Inspector> Subedar Major

Indian BSF Salary Structure

The pay scale can vary from Rs 6000/- for constable to Rs 80,000 for Director General. As, we have already mentioned above each rank have different pay band. Now that you are also familiar with the rank hierarchy of BSF it will become easier for you to understand he salary structure.

Before the 7th pay commission was implemented all the BSF employees were entitled to get their salary and allowances according to the 6th pay commission. After 10 years the new CPC was formed which was implemented in the early 2016. The salaries and pension scheme are now restructured and the allowances are modified in accordance with the 7th pay commission. You can also check here upcoming bsf recruitment 2018-19

Here is the summary of salary structure in BSF.

*Please note that the cash in hand column in the given table is just the approximation of the total salary. It actual amount may vary significantly, therefore readers are advised not to entirely depend on this table.

Rank Pay Band Grade Pay Cash in hand (in ₹ Approx.)
Director General Apex scale
Spl Director General PB-4 (37400-67000) 12000 105000
Addl Director General PB-4 (37400-67000) 12000 105000
Inspector General PB-4 (37400-67000) 10000 95000
Deputy Inspector General PB-4 (37400-67000) 8900 85000
Commandant PB-4 (37400-67000) 8700 82000
 Second-in-Command PB-3 (15600-39100) 7600 73000
Deputy Commandant PB-3 (15600-39100) 6600 65000
Assistant Commandant PB-3 (15600-39100) 5400 52000
Subedar Major PB-2 (9300-34800 ) 4800 45000
Inspector PB-2 (9300-34800 ) 4600 40000
Sub-Inspector PB-2 (9300-34800 ) 4200 35000
Asstt Sub Inspector PB-1 (5200-20200 ) 2800 31000
Head Constable PB-1 (5200-20200 ) 2400 27000
Constable PB-1 (5200-20200 ) 2000 23000
Enrolled Follower PB-IS (4440- 7440 ) 1300 18000

If a person stays in a post for long time, then the pay will automatically increase without the need of increase in post. e.g if someone is in the post of constable post for a certain time period, then his pay is subjected to increase automatically.

Promotion In BSF

As we have mentioned above that the rank structure in BSF are of two types basically, Gazetted officers and Non Gazetted officers, so the promotion criteria is also different for every post. The promotion of the members of the Force under non gazetted officers like constable to head constable or head constable to inspector are based on merit.

Every member of the force shall, before any promotion be required to pass pre-promotion course. These promotion examinations which are of a qualifying nature, permit a constable to be promoted to the next higher rank of Head Constable and similarly promotion from the rank of Head Constable to Sub Inspector.

The minimum service that is required vary according to the post. Like for promotion of constable to head constable you must have 8 years of service as Constable of which 5 years service in a service coy of duty Bn with Medical Cat Shape-I. There are various criteria that you must fulfill in order to get promoted.In case of the promotion of gazetted officers you don’t have to pass any pre-promotion courses but there are some specific requirements that one has to fulfill.

Now that you are well aware about the salary structure, rank structure and how the promotion takes place in BSF, you can make the right decision whether to join BSF or not. We hope that all your doubts are cleared, but if you have any query then you can leave a comment in the comment box, we will be happy to help you.


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