Army rescues critically ill woman


POONCH: A critically ill woman suffering from post delivery trauma and excessive bleeding was evacuated from Chaya Mohalla of Haribudha Tehsil to Mandi Distt Poonch General Hospital by army soldiers in severe inclement weather conditions.
The lady Shakeela Bi wife of Mohd Iqbal was recovering from a surgery after an unsuccessful delivery.
On January 7 , 2019 at about 2:00 PM Mohd Iqbal approached the Army Camp near Hari Budha for assistance to assist his wife suffering from profuse bleeding and had already lost a lot of blood.
The lady was in dire need of medical attention. The soldiers immediately responded by rerouting an army vehicle which was on duty. Shakeela Bi was evacuated immediately to Mandi General Hospital for specialist care taking into account all precautions. The humane gesture by army was appreciated by locals and they lauded the efforts.


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