5 Unique Sources of Backlinks for SEO 


Link building for search engine optimization (SEO) is a field of murky waters where a few erroneous tactics can push a website to the bottom of the search engines results page (SERP) for a specific query. The tactics you engage while looking for backlinks can be white hat strategies that search engines like Google will love or black hat strategies that will prompt search engines to penalize you. For example, using link farms to gain backlinks without evaluating the relevance and the trust flow of the domains offered can end up linking an ecommerce store from a porn website.

Additionally, link building using link farms is unnatural, and it may trigger search engines wrath for misuse of the anchor text. On that note, for a meticulous link building process, you have to monitor your progress using a management tool like LovingDA. You need to evaluate links received and those you are still pursuing to know the pages that need more work.

While building links back to your website, you need to try gaining both ranking and traffic. Sometimes, a link from an authoritative site will only generate link juice (page rank) and no traffic, while other links from engaging blogs will increase traffic to your website and give little to no link juice.

Here are 5 types of backlinks that guarantee both better ranking and traffic levels.

Broken Links 

When a website has several broken links within its content, there is a higher chance users will bounce out. These 404 error pages will also show up on a webmaster’s report as crawl errors. As an SEO expert, you can take advantage of the 404 errors generated by a relevant and authoritative website. Offer the webmaster a solution to the 404 error and you will earn a backlink easily.

Resource Page Links 

Find articles with a resource links section and request to be added to the list. The article or website from which you seek such backlinks must be relevant to your website. For example, you may request to be added to the resource page of your sector’s regional guide.

Design Infographics 

The internet craves for information. Gather statistics about your industry, the consumer behavior and product benefits into shareable graphics. Next, ask influencers in your industry to share your information with their audience. For such information to go viral and gain a number of backlinks, the design must be impeccable, the content must be useful and you must promote the article.

Contests, Events and Giveaways 

Contests generate backlinks when influential blogs repost them. You can send out information about the contest or event as a press release with a link to the sign-up form or the event page. Your target should be events aggregator websites, your affiliates and news websites.

Forums & Testimonials 

Links from forums bring both link juice and traffic. Get a few forums either with relevant topics or in a relevant industry. There are also question and answer websites like Quora that are great for building the credibility of a website by offering factual responses to queries.

On the other hand, instead of posting on forums, reach out to your suppliers or customers with a testimonial. Write a short paragraph explaining your experience with the supplier, with a link back to your website.

These five link building tactics can bring quite a number of backlinks at minimal cost.





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